Jimmy DiMeo is the husband of Maya and father to Ray, Dylan and JJ. He is portrayed by John Ross Bowie.


jimmy(born in1974) in calfoina and his short and work in baggage handling in sigma airlines in john wayane airport and marriad to maya and had three kids (ray,jj,dylan) and he to lazy and he love take naps and funny jokes and his kid jimmyjunior had speicalneeds and he feelguilt he left his kid in hosptal to go to his friend in las vages and feel sorry about it and hate to be cold he was a building arctic in big form and had to leave work bec. He need insurance for his kid and to work in the airport he dont like sports and love tell he gets things and dont have to get it and live in worst house in best neighborhood went to stanford collge he had gray hair and he owangthing and accessories for wheelchair and he marraid maya in (2000) and not paid enogh he dont cair about angthing and his parents live close to him and he brother billy and he like not to be jerk he is idiot and he dont like small take and used to live in orange county

Jimmy DiMeo is the dad who has heart-to-hearts with his kids. He teaches them the importance of embracing and believing in your family. No matter what. And then he teaches them the intricacies of his carefully crafted DiMeo Way – such as letting their neighbors know just how little to expect from them and finding furniture steals in curbside garbage. Jimmy lives for cheap fun. But he's also engineered himself to be the steady, mellow and light presence the family needs. He works a steady, if sometimes unfulfilling, job to support them and get the healthcare benefits JJ needs. And Jimmy's a doting husband who's lucky enough to be madly in love with a fiery woman with whom life will always be nothing less than thrilling.



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